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Can I Use My SAM Registration For State or Local Government Contracts?

SAM registration is specifically designed for entities seeking to do business with the U.S. federal government. Its primary function is to consolidate various federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into one new system.

However, whether you can leverage your SAM registration for state or local government contracts depends on the specific practices and requirements of the individual state or local agency. Here’s what you should know:


  1. No Direct Equivalency: SAM registration is not directly equivalent to state or local registrations, and state or local governments typically have their own separate procurement and vendor registration systems.
  2. Possible Advantage: Having a SAM registration could be seen as a positive credential when bidding on state or local contracts because it indicates your business has been vetted and approved for federal contracts. It demonstrates a level of legitimacy and credibility.
  3. Due Diligence is Key: If you’re pursuing state or local government contracts, it’s essential to check the specific registration and qualification requirements of the state or local agency you’re targeting. Each jurisdiction might have its own unique registration process, criteria, and database.
  4. Different Preferences and Set-Asides: State and local governments might have different preference programs, such as those for local businesses, minority-owned businesses, or other specific categories that are distinct from federal programs.
  5. Other Certifications: While SAM might not be directly relevant, state and local governments could look favorably upon other certifications or designations you’ve achieved, such as being a certified minority-owned or woman-owned business.

In summary, while SAM registration is specifically for federal contracts, it doesn’t directly qualify you for state or local contracts. However, being SAM-registered could provide some advantages in terms of credibility. Always check the specific requirements of the state or local agency you’re interested in working with to ensure you meet their criteria.

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