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The System for Award Management (SAM) is your first step in receiving grants or conducting business with the US Federal Government.

Without an active SAM Registration, you cannot be compensated for past contracts or be considered for new contracts or Federal funding opportunities. The SAM registration will need to be renewed before contract payment occurs.

If your SAM has lapsed or is in danger of expiring, now is the time to renew so you do not lose out on contract or funding opportunities.

Your profile is necessary for compensation on contracts that have been fulfilled as well as future contract opportunities.

Why Renew Your SAM?

  • It’s required. In order to contract with the federal government businesses and agencies must complete the required registration with SAM.
  • Fast electronic payments. During your registration and anytime after you update your profile you can enter your preferred payment method, including electronic fund transfers, making it easier for government agencies to pay you regularly and on time directly to a bank account of your choice.
  • Incorporates all other databases. CCR, ORCA, FedReg, and EPLS are all phased out or in the process of being phased out in entirely. Entities only need to register in SAM, which maintains all important data about your business.
  • Get on the government search list. Procurement officers, contract specialists utilize SAM to identify a small business for prime and subcontracting opportunities. In fact, SAM is the primary source for federal government agencies, and even most state and local government agencies, to find potential vendors who might be interested in entering the government marketplace. Agencies also look for potential vendors based on the information kept in SAM for their set-aside contracts for underrepresented groups such as women-owned small businesses and veteran-owned business.
  • Streamlines and integrates processes associated with procurement awards. The information kept in SAM eliminates some of the redundancies that were present when different government agencies required vendors to register in one or more of the prior databases. While procurement processes may still vary from one agency to another, potential contractors need only to fill in their information once (making sure to keep the information up to date) for the process of being able to apply for government procurements.

Why Should I Renew My SAM Early?

In order to receive Federal Contracts, it is required that your business be registered in the system (or the System for Award Management). Having less than 60 days remaining on your Federal SAM Registration significantly reduces your chances of getting awarded a contract after placing your bid. Not updating the registration before this date may delay Federal payments, and will inevitably affect your future Federal contracts. Being that the systems do not update instantly after renewal, it is ideal to renew early. In order to maintain your “active” status, after either an address or POC change, you will need to renew at least 30 to 60 days early.

When You Don’t Need To Renew Your SAM?

  • A Dissolving or Retiring Business
  • Not planning on receiving grants or payments from the Federal Government

Federal Processing Registry is a licensed, insured full-service SAM registration specialist. Our services include a dedicated processor to complete and renew your registration.


I am visually impaired. I was referred to Federal Processing Registry by a friend who is also visually impaired. I want to express my gratitude to the awesome team (especially Dina) who made it so much easier for people like me to renew our SAM registration. The service is worth every penny for people like me trying to navigate all the additional prompts. Thank you for making my life a little easier.

Dorothy J.

Recently I signed up with Federal Processing Registry to renew our SAM registration. But after thinking about it, we decided to do the renewal ourselves. So we canceled and they promptly refunded us. We had over a million dollars in outstanding payments due to us from our federal contracts.

Nearly six weeks later, despite our best efforts, we were unable to do the renewal. So many new steps and red tape. It was mind-boggling. We were now facing the real possibility of laying off employees and cutting back all expenses because of this.

So, hat in hand, we went back to them to help us out of this serious dilemma. They were able to get the renewal done for us. Literally saved our company. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Let the pros handle it.

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Gary D.

I was lost and stuck trying to renew my SAM registration. So frustrated trying to do it on my own. We were coming up on the deadline to be able to receive our grant payment. Out of desperation I signed up for their service since they have a guarantee. I couldn’t be more pleased in how kind, patient and professional my processor was. There were complications but they solved all the issues for us and completed the renewal in time. If you are stuck, lost or have issues like I was, I highly recommend giving them a shot.

Federal Processing Registry Testimonial
Cathy D

I recently used the Federal Processing Registry for my SAM renewal service and I have to say that the staff was incredibly helpful and kind. Every time I had a question, they were able to answer it quickly and thoroughly. They also provided me with all the information and support I needed to get my renewal done quickly and correctly. The staff was always very professional, courteous, and respectful. I could not have asked for a better experience. The Federal Processing Registry is an excellent service and I highly recommend it.

Federal Processing Registry Review Debbie T
Debbie T.
City Administrator

The Federal Processing Registry SAM Renewal Service is a great service for anyone trying to keep up with their registration and renewals for the System for Award Management (SAM). The process was so easy to use and the instructions were clear. I was able to renew my registration quickly and easily, which was a relief as I was worried I would have to spend hours trying to figure out how to do it. Highly recommend this service!

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Maria V.

I recently used the Federal Processing Registry’s SAM Renewal service to renew my government registration. I found the process to be very efficient and easy to use. The process was intuitive, and the customer service representative (Linda) was very helpful and knowledgeable. The entire process from beginning to end was hassle-free and I was able to complete the renewal quickly and without any problems. I would highly recommend this service to anyone needing to renew their SAM registration.

Federal Processing Registry Review
Steve S.

Just had a great experience with the team at Federal Processing Registry, they were professional and efficient throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a smooth and professional service. Thanks Federal Processing Registry!

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Roger V

Just used Federal Processing Registry’s services and I was blown away by their follow-up! They made sure I had everything I needed and that I was satisfied with the process. They were on top of everything, and the process was a breeze. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for a great follow-up and a smooth experience.

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Michael W
City Clerk

I recently used Federal Processing Registry’s SAM registration renewal service and it was a breeze! The website was easy to navigate and the customer service team was super helpful. My renewal was done in no time and I felt confident that my information was secure. Highly recommend this service!

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Mary S
Admin Assistant

Just renewed my SAM registration with Federal Processing Registry and it was a total painless process! Everything was super easy and the team was super helpful. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a smooth registration renewal experience. Thanks Federal Processing Registry!

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Bill N

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you and your department on an exceptional employee. We were attempting to change the POC for our SAM registration, and at our end we managed to invent a way to drive the machine off the rails. Marnie was an amazing help. I’m not sure how best to describe her disposition throughout the day, but she had me convinced that she had no other task on her to-do list today but to graciously and cheerfully assist just me in correcting our issues. It was as if she took great professional satisfaction in solving our problems and she left me with the feeling like we made HER day, when in fact it was really the other way around.

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Rob S.

Thank you once again for all your assistance….this was a complicated registration especially when we were removing the retired person and adding me along with getting the entity under my name. Nice job, I could not have done this without your expertise. I truly appreciate all your help.

Federal Processing Registry Reviews
Susan S.

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Why Register?

The federal government purchases products and services from just about every industry, from space ship parts to staplers, but in order to do business with the federal government, you must have an active SAM registration. The government makes the registration forms available for free, but completing the SAM Registration on your own can take between 20 and 40 hours — and, making sure your Registration is current and complete can take even longer.

In 2016, the General Services Administration (GSA) made 77 client-facing enhancements and changes to the System for Award Management (SAM), including seven revisions to FAR subpart 4,18, FAR 52.204-17, FAR 52.204-3, and FAR 52.212-3. These changes affected the type of information a company must submit when completing a SAM Registration. For companies with current SAM Registrations at the time these regulation changes went into effect, the SAM Registration had to be updated to remain in compliance. The GSA also made an estimated 500 changes to Schedules in place during 2016, and we made sure that our clients with affected Schedules remained in compliance with these changes.

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