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Is There a Directory of Federal Agencies and Contacts Available in SAM?


Yes, there is a directory of federal agencies and contacts available in the System for Award Management (SAM). This directory provides valuable information about federal agencies, their points of contact, and the services they offer. Here’s how you can access and use this directory within SAM:

  1. Access SAM: Visit the official SAM website ( and log in to your SAM account using your username and password.
  2. Search for Federal Agencies:
    • Once logged in, navigate to the “Search Records” tab within your SAM account.
  3. Select “Federal Agencies” Category:
    • In the search options, select the “Federal Agencies” category. This will narrow your search to federal agencies and organizations.
  4. Enter Search Criteria:
    • You can refine your search by entering specific keywords or criteria. For example, you can search for agencies by name, location, agency type, or any other relevant information.
  5. Browse Agency Profiles:
    • The search results will display a list of federal agencies and organizations that match your search criteria. Click on the agency name to access its profile.
  6. View Agency Details:
    • Within each agency’s profile, you can find detailed information, including the agency’s address, point of contact, phone number, email address, website, and a description of its services and mission.
  7. Contact the Agency:
    • If you wish to reach out to a federal agency or contact a specific individual within the agency, you can use the provided contact information.
  8. Save Agency Information:
    • If you frequently work with specific federal agencies, you can save their contact information within your SAM account for quick reference.

This directory is a valuable resource for businesses and individuals seeking to engage with federal agencies for various purposes, such as pursuing federal contracts, grants, or assistance programs, or for general inquiries related to federal services. It allows users to identify the appropriate agency contacts and obtain essential information about each agency’s mission and services.

You can also find contact information for federal agencies through the U.S. Government’s official web portal, provides a comprehensive A-Z index of federal departments and agencies, along with links to their respective websites where you can find contact information and learn more about their procurement processes.

Keep in mind that while SAM provides information on federal agencies and contacts, it’s essential to verify the accuracy of the information, especially if you plan to engage in official business or communication with a federal agency. Agency contact details and personnel may change, so it’s a good practice to double-check information directly with the agency’s official website or contact their designated points of contact for the most up-to-date information.


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