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Is There a SAM Help Desk Available For Users with Questions or Issues?


Yes, the Federal Service Desk (FSD) serves as the help desk for the System for Award Management (SAM). You can contact the FSD for assistance with any questions or issues you have regarding SAM registration or usage.

Here are the ways you can contact the Federal Service Desk:

  1. Phone: You can call the FSD toll-free at 1-866-606-8220.
  2. Email: You can submit a web form with your question or issue, and the FSD will respond via email.
  3. Chat: The FSD website offers a live chat option during certain hours.
  4. Self-Help: The FSD website also has a knowledge base with articles and FAQs that can help you find the answer to your question without having to contact support.

The FSD can provide assistance with a variety of issues, such as login problems, registration errors, and general questions about how to use SAM.


Need Help?

Contact the FPR Help Desk through the following methods:

  • Phone: 1-866-717-5267 (toll-free)
  • Email:¬†

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