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Can I Submit Grant Proposals Directly Through SAM, or Are There Other Platforms For Grant Applications?


Grant proposals are typically not submitted directly through SAM (System for Award Management). SAM primarily serves as a registration and verification system for organizations seeking to do business with the U.S. federal government, including applying for federal grants and contracts. However, the submission of grant proposals is usually done through separate and agency-specific grant application platforms. Here’s how the process typically works:

  1. Search and Identify Grant Opportunities: You can use SAM to search for federal grant opportunities and access basic information about them. SAM provides links to the official grant application portals or websites where you can find detailed information about specific grants.
  2. Download Application Package: From the grant opportunity listing in SAM, you can often download the grant application package, which includes application forms, guidelines, and instructions. This package will direct you to the appropriate grant application platform.
  3. Visit the Grant Application Platform: The grant application platform, which may be specific to the federal agency offering the grant, is where you will complete and submit your grant proposal. Common grant application platforms include (used by many federal agencies) and individual agency-specific portals.
  4. Complete the Proposal: Access the specific grant opportunity on the application platform and follow the provided guidelines to complete your grant proposal. This may involve entering information, attaching required documents, and ensuring your proposal complies with the grant’s requirements.
  5. Submit the Proposal: Once your grant proposal is complete, submit it through the designated submission method on the application platform. Submission methods may include electronic submission, uploading documents, or mailing hard copies, depending on the agency’s requirements.
  6. Application Review: The federal agency responsible for the grant opportunity will review and evaluate the submitted proposals according to its review process and criteria.
  7. Notifications: You will receive notifications regarding the status of your grant proposal, including whether it has been accepted, rejected, or requires revisions.
  8. Grant Award: If your proposal is successful, you will receive an award notification that outlines the terms and conditions of the grant, including the funding amount and project expectations.

While SAM plays a crucial role in the grant application process by providing access to grant opportunities and basic information, it does not handle the submission or review of grant proposals. Instead, grant applications are processed through separate, agency-specific platforms or websites. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the instructions and requirements outlined in the specific grant opportunity’s application package and utilize the designated application portal or platform provided by the awarding agency.


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