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Can I Use SAM to Search for Sub-contracting Opportunities?


Yes, you can use SAM (System for Award Management) to search for subcontracting opportunities, although SAM primarily focuses on federal contract and grant opportunities. Subcontracting opportunities are typically found in the context of larger federal contracts awarded to prime contractors. Here’s how you can search for subcontracting opportunities in SAM:

  1. Access SAM:
    • Log in to your SAM account or create one if you haven’t already. SAM registration is required to access and utilize its features.
  2. Navigate to Contract Opportunities:
  3. Use Search Filters:
    • In the “Contract Opportunities” section, you can use various search filters to narrow down your search. Look for filters related to subcontracting or subcontractor opportunities. These filters may include keywords like “subcontract,” “subcontracting,” or “teaming.”
  4. Review Listings:
    • SAM will display a list of contract opportunities, including subcontracting opportunities, that match your search criteria. Browse through the listings to identify relevant opportunities.
  5. Select a Subcontracting Opportunity:
    • Click on a specific subcontracting opportunity to access more detailed information. Subcontracting opportunities are typically associated with larger prime contracts.
  6. Review Subcontracting Details:
    • Within the subcontracting opportunity listing, you will find details about the prime contract, the scope of subcontracting work, contact information for the prime contractor, and instructions for expressing interest or submitting your qualifications.
  7. Contact the Prime Contractor:
    • If you are interested in a subcontracting opportunity, follow the instructions provided in the listing to contact the prime contractor. Express your interest, provide your qualifications, and inquire about their subcontracting needs.
  8. Discuss Terms and Requirements:
    • Engage in discussions with the prime contractor to understand the specific terms, requirements, and expectations for the subcontracting arrangement. Clarify pricing, timelines, and other relevant details.
  9. Prepare a Subcontractor Proposal:
    • If the prime contractor expresses interest in your services, prepare a subcontractor proposal that outlines your capabilities, pricing, and how you will contribute to the prime contract’s success.
  10. Submit Your Proposal:
    • Submit your subcontractor proposal to the prime contractor by the specified deadline. Ensure that your proposal aligns with their requirements and expectations.

While SAM can help you identify subcontracting opportunities, it’s important to note that subcontracting arrangements are typically established directly with prime contractors. Therefore, effective networking and communication with prime contractors in addition to using SAM’s search features can help you identify and secure subcontracting opportunities that align with your organization’s capabilities.


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