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What is the Entity Validation Process in SAM Registration?

The entity validation process in SAM registration is a step that ensures the accuracy and integrity of the information provided by entities registering in SAM. Here is an overview of the entity validation process in SAM registration based on the search results:


  1. Entering Entity Information: The first step in the entity validation process is to enter the entity’s information into This includes the legal business name, physical address, date of incorporation, and state of incorporation or national identifier.
  2. Verification of Entity Information: Once the entity information is entered, SAM uses an Entity Validation Service (EVS) to independently verify the information provided. The EVS compares the entity’s information against a database of organizations and addresses to ensure accuracy.
  3. Document Submission: If the entity’s information does not match or cannot be found, the entity may be required to submit certain authorized documents to verify their entity’s information. These documents may include a notarized letter, incorporation documents, or other supporting documentation.
  4. Review and Validation: After the documents are submitted, the entity validation service reviews the information and documentation provided. If additional information or clarification is required, the entity may be contacted via email and asked to provide further documentation.
  5. Completion of Validation: Once the validation process is complete and the entity’s information is verified, the entity will receive an email notification instructing them to go back into to accept the match. At this point, the entity’s registration can be completed or updated.

It is important to note that entity validation is required when registering an entity for the first time, renewing entity registration annually, obtaining a Unique Entity ID (UEI), or updating or changing the entity’s name or address.


The entity validation process helps prevent improper payments, procurement fraud and ensures the integrity of government contracts.
For specific details and requirements regarding the entity validation process in SAM registration, it is recommended to refer to the  SAM Registration User Guide.


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