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Can I Use SAM to Find Subcontracting Opportunities?


Yes, you can use SAM (System for Award Management) to find subcontracting opportunities. SAM provides a search feature that allows you to identify prime contractors who are seeking subcontractors for specific federal contracts. Here’s how you can use SAM to find subcontracting opportunities:

  1. Access the SAM Website:
  2. Log In or Register:
  3. Navigate to the Search Feature:
    • Once logged in, navigate to the search feature within SAM. This feature is typically labeled as “Search Records” or something similar.
  4. Select “Advanced Search”:
    • In the search options, look for the “Advanced Search” or “Advanced Search Options.” This will allow you to specify your search criteria in detail.
  5. Set Subcontracting as Your Search Category:
    • In the advanced search options, you can select “Subcontracting” or a related category as your search focus.
  6. Enter Specific Search Criteria:
    • Specify your search criteria to narrow down subcontracting opportunities. You can enter keywords, location preferences, industry codes (NAICS codes), and other relevant information.
  7. Review Search Results:
    • After you’ve entered your criteria, perform the search. SAM will generate a list of prime contractors who have published subcontracting opportunities that match your search parameters.
  8. View Subcontracting Opportunities:
    • Click on the prime contractors’ profiles to view more details about the subcontracting opportunities they have posted. This may include information about the contract, scope of work, required qualifications, and contact details for the prime contractor.
  9. Contact Prime Contractors:
    • If you find subcontracting opportunities that align with your business’s capabilities and interests, you can reach out to the prime contractors directly to express your interest, request more information, and inquire about the subcontracting process.
  10. Follow Up and Submit Proposals:
    • Engage in ongoing communication with prime contractors to understand their subcontracting needs and requirements. When appropriate, submit proposals or bids for the subcontracting opportunities.

Using SAM to find subcontracting opportunities can be a valuable strategy for businesses looking to participate in federal contracting indirectly through prime contractors. It allows you to connect with prime contractors who may require your specialized services or expertise for specific federal contracts. Keep in mind that the availability of subcontracting opportunities in SAM can vary, so it’s essential to regularly check and update your search criteria as needed to identify relevant opportunities.


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