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Can International Businesses Register in SAM?


Yes, international businesses can register in SAM (System for Award Management) under certain conditions. SAM registration is not limited to U.S.-based entities; foreign businesses and organizations are also eligible to register in SAM if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Doing Business in the United States:
    • Foreign businesses must have a legitimate reason for doing business in the United States, such as pursuing federal contracts or grants. This typically involves having an active business interest, project, or contract with a U.S. federal agency or organization.
  2. Appropriate Legal Structure:
    • Foreign entities must have a legal structure that is compatible with U.S. federal contracting and grant regulations. This structure often includes the ability to comply with U.S. laws and regulations, including tax laws.
  3. D-U-N-S Number:  (Now UEI Number)
    • To register in SAM, foreign entities, like their U.S. counterparts, typically need a Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S) Number. Dun & Bradstreet issues D-U-N-S Numbers, and businesses outside the United States can request one through the Dun & Bradstreet website.
  4. EIN or TIN (If Applicable):
    • Depending on the entity’s specific circumstances, they may need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax-related purposes.
  5. Compliance with U.S. Laws and Regulations:
  6. Registration Purpose:
    • The foreign entity’s registration in SAM should align with a specific federal contract, grant, or business activity in the United States. SAM registration is often required as part of the procurement or grant application process.
  7. Authorized Representatives:
    • The foreign entity should designate authorized representatives who can manage the SAM registration and interact with U.S. federal agencies as needed.

It’s important for foreign businesses considering SAM registration to carefully review the specific requirements and consult with legal and financial advisors, if necessary, to ensure full compliance with U.S. regulations. The registration process and requirements can vary based on the nature of the business and its intended activities in the United States.

Foreign businesses seeking SAM registration should also be aware of any country-specific regulations or trade agreements that may affect their eligibility or obligations when participating in U.S. federal contracts or grants. Consulting with experts in international business and procurement can help streamline the registration process and ensure full compliance.


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