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Can Subcontractors Register on SAM Independently?

Subcontractors Registering on SAM Independently

Yes, subcontractors can indeed register on the System for Award Management (SAM) independently. SAM registration is not limited to prime contractors (organizations bidding for and performing government contracts directly); subcontractors also have the option to register on their own.

Here’s what subcontractors need to know about registering on SAM independently:

Why Subcontractors Register on SAM:

Subcontractors play a vital role in government contracting by partnering with prime contractors to provide specialized services, products, or expertise. Registering on SAM allows subcontractors to:

  • Establish a presence in the government contracting system.
  • Make themselves visible to prime contractors seeking subcontracting opportunities.
  • Receive relevant notifications about upcoming subcontracting opportunities.
  • Maintain compliance with federal procurement requirements.

Registering as a Subcontractor:

  1. Visit the SAM Website: Go to the official SAM website (
  2. Click “Create an Account”: On the homepage, locate and click on the “Create an Account” link. This will take you to the registration page.
  3. Select “Entity Registrations”: During the registration process, you’ll be asked to choose the type of registration you need. Select “Entity Registrations” as subcontractors are considered entities.
  4. Provide Information: Follow the prompts to provide accurate and up-to-date information about your subcontracting entity. This includes details such as your legal name, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), D-U-N-S number, and more.
  5. Verify Identity: The registration process often involves identity verification, which may include answering security questions or receiving a verification code.
  6. Complete Registration: Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Be thorough and accurate to ensure your subcontractor profile is complete.
  7. Access Your Account: Once registered, you can access your SAM account using your username and password.

Collaborating with Prime Contractors:

By registering on SAM, subcontractors make themselves visible to prime contractors seeking partners for government contracts. Prime contractors often search the SAM database for potential subcontractors with specific capabilities or qualifications. Your registration as a subcontractor increases your chances of being considered for subcontracting opportunities.


Subcontractors have the option to register on the System for Award Management independently, which allows them to establish a presence in the government contracting system and connect with prime contractors seeking subcontracting partners. By registering accurately and maintaining an updated profile, subcontractors can position themselves for success in the competitive landscape of government contracting.

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