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What Types of Documents Are Accepted For Entity Validation in SAM Registration?

Here are some types of documents that are accepted for entity validation in SAM registration:


  1. Incorporation Documents: Official documents that show the legal business name, such as articles of incorporation, certificate of formation, or business license.
  2. Tax Documents: Recent tax documents that show the current address of the entity, such as a recent tax return, tax assessment, or tax registration certificate.
  3. Utility Bills: Utility bills that show the physical address of the entity, such as a recent electricity bill, water bill, or gas bill.
  4. Bank Statements: Bank statements that show the physical address of the entity.
  5. Doing Business As (DBA) Documentation: Documentation that verifies the entity’s DBA name, if applicable.
  6. Stock Ownership Certificates: Certified copies of stock ownership certificates, if applicable.

It is important to note that the specific documents required for entity validation may vary depending on the nature of the entity and the information provided during the registration process


It is recommended to refer to the Entity Validation Documentation Checklist provided by for a comprehensive list of documents and requirements.


Additionally, it is advisable to respond promptly to any emails requesting documentation or clarification during the entity validation process This will help ensure a smooth and successful SAM registration process.


For further guidance and clarification on the types of documents accepted for entity validation in SAM registration, it is recommended to refer to the  SAM Registration User Guide.


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