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Does SAM Provide Alerts For New Grant or Contract Opportunities?


Yes, (System for Award Management) provides the capability to set up alerts for new grant and contract opportunities. This feature allows users to receive notifications when opportunities that match their specified criteria are posted on the platform. Here’s how to set up alerts for new grant or contract opportunities in

  1. Access
    • Visit the official website
  2. Login or Register:
    • Log in to your account using your username and password. If you don’t have an account, you can register for one.
  3. Navigate to “Contract Opportunities” or “Assistance Listings” (for Grants):
    • Depending on whether you are interested in contracts or grants, click on the relevant section in the main menu.
  4. Use Filters for Advanced Search:
    • To narrow down your search for specific opportunities, use the filters provided on the left-hand side. Filters may include keywords, location, opportunity status, agency, and more.
  5. Review Search Results:
    • Browse through the list of opportunities that match your search criteria. Each listing provides information about the opportunity, including the agency offering it, application deadline, and a brief description.
  6. Set Up Alerts:
    • Once you have configured your search criteria to match your preferences, look for an option to “Save This Search” or “Create an Alert.” This feature allows you to set up email notifications for new opportunities that match your criteria.
  7. Specify Alert Preferences:
    • When setting up an alert, you can specify how often you want to receive notifications (e.g., daily, weekly), your preferred email address, and other notification preferences.
  8. Save Your Alert:
    • After configuring your alert preferences, save the alert. You will now receive email notifications when new grant or contract opportunities that match your criteria are posted on
  9. Manage Your Alerts:
    • You can manage your alerts in your account settings. This includes modifying existing alerts, adding new ones, or unsubscribing from alerts as needed.
  10. Stay Informed:

Setting up alerts is a valuable way to stay informed about new grant and contract opportunities without needing to manually search the platform regularly. It ensures that you receive timely notifications when opportunities that align with your business’s capabilities and goals become available.


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