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How Can I Add or Remove Users From My SAM Account?


Adding or removing users from your SAM (System for Award Management) account involves specific roles and permissions within the system. Depending on your role in SAM, you can perform these actions as follows:

Adding Users:

  1. Entity Administrator (EA):
    • The Entity Administrator is the primary point of contact for your organization in SAM and has broad authority to manage the SAM account. EAs can add and manage users.
    • To add a user, the EA needs to log in to the SAM account and follow these steps:
    • The invited user will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the invitation and create their SAM user account.

Removing Users:

  1. Entity Administrator (EA):
    • EAs can also remove users from the SAM account. To remove a user, follow these steps:
      • Log in to the SAM account.
      • Go to the “My SAM” tab.
      • Select “Entity Registrations.”
      • Click on your entity’s name to access the registration.
      • Under the “Entity Administrator (EA)” section, locate the user you want to remove.
      • Click the “Remove” button next to the user’s name.
      • Confirm the removal.

Please note that there are different roles and permissions within SAM, including Entity Registration Delegate (ERD) and Financial Assistance Certification (FAC), each with its own level of access and authority. EAs can manage users and their roles based on the organization’s needs.

It’s essential to maintain an up-to-date list of authorized users in SAM, and, when necessary, promptly remove access for individuals who no longer require it to ensure security and compliance.


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