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What if My Business Moves to a Different Location?


If your business moves to a different location, it’s essential to update your SAM (System for Award Management) registration to reflect the new address accurately. Accurate and up-to-date information in SAM is critical for maintaining eligibility for federal contracts, grants, and assistance programs. Here’s what you should do if your business relocates to a different address:

  1. Log In to SAM: Begin by logging in to your SAM account using your username and password.
  2. Access Your Registration: Once logged in, navigate to the section of your SAM registration where you can update your organization’s information.
  3. Update Address: In the appropriate section, provide the new address information, including the street address, city, state, ZIP code, and any other required details.
  4. Review and Confirm: Carefully review the updated address information to ensure its accuracy.
  5. Certify and Submit: As part of the update process, you may be required to certify the accuracy of the information you’ve provided. Make this certification and submit the changes.
  6. Verification: SAM may conduct verification checks to confirm the accuracy of the updated address information.
  7. Confirmation: You should receive confirmation that your SAM registration has been updated to reflect the new address.

It’s crucial to update your SAM registration promptly after your business moves to a new location. Delays in updating your address can result in inaccurate information and may affect your eligibility for federal opportunities, as federal agencies use this information to determine your geographic location and eligibility for specific contracts or grants.

In addition to updating your SAM registration, consider notifying any federal agencies, prime contractors, or grantors with whom you have ongoing relationships about the change in your business’s location. This can help ensure that they have the correct contact and location information for your organization.

By keeping your SAM registration up to date and proactively communicating changes in your business’s address, you can maintain eligibility for federal opportunities and prevent disruptions to your federal contracting or grant-seeking activities.


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