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How Often Do I Need to Update My SAM Registration?


SAM (System for Award Management) registrations must be updated on an annual basis to remain active and maintain eligibility for federal contracts, grants, and assistance programs. Here are key details about the annual update requirement for SAM registration:

  1. Annual Renewal: SAM registrations expire after one year. To keep your registration active, you must complete the annual renewal process before your registration’s expiration date. Renewal involves reviewing and updating your registration information to ensure it remains accurate and current.
  2. Notification: SAM typically sends email notifications to remind registrants of the upcoming expiration date of their registration. These reminders serve as a prompt to initiate the renewal process.
  3. Active Status: Maintaining an active SAM registration is crucial if you plan to bid on federal contracts, apply for federal grants, or participate in federal assistance programs. An expired registration can result in ineligibility for federal opportunities.
  4. Updates Beyond Renewal: While the annual renewal is mandatory to maintain active status, it’s essential to update your SAM registration promptly if there are changes to your organization’s details, ownership, certifications, or any other information. Keeping your registration accurate is not limited to the annual renewal; it’s an ongoing responsibility.
  5. Review Periodically: Even if there are no significant changes, it’s advisable to review your SAM registration periodically throughout the year. This practice ensures that your information remains up to date and that you are prepared for the annual renewal process.
  6. Penalties for Lapsed Registration: If your SAM registration lapses due to failure to renew, you may need to re-register, which can involve a time-consuming process. Additionally, you could miss out on valuable federal opportunities during the lapse period.
  7. SAM Expiration Date: The expiration date of your SAM registration is visible on your SAM profile. It’s crucial to be aware of this date and set reminders to initiate the renewal process well in advance.

To renew your SAM registration, you will need to log in to your SAM account, review your registration information, and make any necessary updates. SAM will guide you through the renewal process, which includes re-certifying the accuracy of your information. Once you’ve successfully renewed, your registration will remain active for another year.

In summary, SAM registration must be updated annually through the renewal process to remain active, and it’s important to keep your information accurate and current throughout the year. Failing to renew your registration on time can result in inactivity and potential loss of eligibility for federal contracts, grants, and assistance programs.


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