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Are There Any Fees Associated With SAM Training Resources?


Many of the training resources and support services provided by SAM (System for Award Management) were typically offered free of charge to registered users. These resources were part of SAM’s efforts to assist users in understanding and using the system effectively.

Commonly, the following resources were accessible without fees:

  1. Online Training Modules: SAM’s online training modules and webinars, which covered various aspects of the system, were typically available at no cost to registered users.
  2. User Guides and Documentation: SAM’s user guides and documentation, explaining how to use specific features of the system, were often freely available for download on the SAM website.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): SAM’s FAQ section typically contained answers to common inquiries and was accessible without charge.
  4. SAM Helpdesk: SAM’s helpdesk was usually available to provide assistance with technical issues and account-related questions at no cost.
  5. Email Notifications and Updates: SAM’s email notifications and updates, which provided information about system changes and compliance requirements, were typically provided as a service to users without fees.
  6. SAM User Support Community: Some versions of SAM included user support communities or forums where users could interact and seek advice, often without fees.

However, it’s essential to note that the availability and specific details of SAM’s training resources and support services, as well as any associated fees, may get updated. SAM’s policies and offerings can change over time, and the organization managing SAM may introduce new features or services that could have associated costs.


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