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How Do I Check My Sam Registration?


You can find the status of an entity registration in SAM.


Here is how:

You might check the status of an entity registration when you are logged into your account if you have a role appointed to the entity registration, or if the email address on your account is recognized as a federal government email address.

  • Locate your registration information.
  • A federal government user account holder will choose Search Records as soon as logged in to SAM to find the preferred registrations, using the guidelines below.

When an entity has provided SAM Search Authorization, anyone may check the status without being logged into an account. If you know the DUNS Number for the entity, you can use the SAM Status Tracker by following the actions below:

    1. Select “Check Status” on top or bottom of any page on the homepage.


SAM Registration Renewal
  • Enter your UEI number or DUNS Number or CAGE Code and click Search.
  • The SAM Status Tracker will reveal the present status of the entity associated with that UEI, DUNS Number or CAGE Code, as well show you the steps that are needed to finish in SAM.

If you do not know the DUNS or UEI information for the entity, you might carry out a search to discover an entity’s registration or registration status by following the actions below:


  1. Select Search Records.
  2. Click the “Advanced Search – Entity” button.
  3. Check the box next to the category you wish to browse and the appropriate search criteria.
  4. When you find the preferred entity, the registration status will display in the upper right corner of the search result.
  5. If the status is “Active,” the entity is completely registered. Search results page will default to show Active registrations just.
  6. If there are no records found, click the “Edit Search” button to go back to your active search.
SAM Registration Renewal

Then check the box to display entities with a Registration Status of “Inactive” at the top of the page.

Keep in mind:   If the entity’s administrator has actually chosen not to supply SAM Search Authorization, the record will not appear in SAM’s public search display screen. Only federal government users, whose e-mail address ends,. gov,.,., or, will have the ability to view these registrations. 
  Having less than 60 days valid time left on your SAM Registration may factor into being awarded agreements and/or grants consisting of the inability to receive awards or payments as soon as your SAM Registration Expiration Date has been reached. For that reason it is highly suggested to Submit SAM Registrations for Renewal AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR TO EXPIRATION. Particularly due to the significant upgrades and transitions that took place recently in the SAM System, including phasing out the use of DUNS Numbers and replacing it with the new 12-digit UEI.

SAM Registration Renewal

If you require assistance with Renewing or Updating your registration, please contact us.

Call Federal Processing Registry Toll-Free Hotline: 866-717-5267

Send us an email at:




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