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What Happens if I Don’t Renew My SAM Registration Annually?

Failing to renew your SAM (System for Award Management) registration annually can have several significant consequences, including:

  1. Inactive Status: If you do not renew your SAM registration by the required annual renewal date, your registration will become inactive. This means that your entity will no longer be eligible to bid on federal contracts, receive federal grants, or participate in other federal procurement and assistance programs.
  2. Loss of Eligibility: An inactive SAM registration means that you will lose eligibility to participate in federal contracting opportunities. This can significantly impact your ability to do business with the U.S. federal government.
  3. Missed Opportunities: Inactive status means you will not be able to pursue new federal contracts, grants, or opportunities until your SAM registration is renewed and reactivated. This can result in missed business opportunities.
  4. Delays in Processing: Reactivating an inactive SAM registration can take time. You’ll need to go through the renewal process, which includes verifying and updating your registration information. This can cause delays in your ability to bid on new contracts or receive new grants.
  5. Loss of Certifications: If your SAM registration includes certifications, such as those for small businesses or disadvantaged businesses, these certifications may become invalid during periods of inactivity. You would need to reapply for these certifications if they are important for your business.
  6. Impact on Subcontracts: If your business primarily works as a subcontractor to prime contractors who hold federal contracts, an inactive SAM registration can affect your subcontracting opportunities, potentially impacting your revenue.
  7. Administrative Challenges: Reactivating an inactive SAM registration can be administratively burdensome. You will need to update your information, re-certify, and possibly provide additional documentation to regain eligibility.

To avoid these consequences, it’s crucial to be diligent about renewing your SAM registration annually. The U.S. government provides notifications and reminders to assist with the renewal process, but ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your registration remains current and active. Keeping your SAM registration up to date is essential for businesses seeking to engage in federal contracting or receive federal grants and assistance.


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