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What Should I Do If My SAM Registration Becomes Inactive?


If your SAM (System for Award Management) registration becomes inactive, it’s crucial to take prompt action to reactivate it, as an inactive status can affect your eligibility for federal contracts and grants. Here’s what you should do if your SAM registration becomes inactive:

  1. Determine the Cause of Inactivity:
  2. Log In to Your SAM Account:
  3. Review the Inactive Status Details:
    • Once logged in, review the details of your inactive status. SAM will provide information about the specific actions required to reactivate your registration.
  4. Complete Required Actions:
  5. Submit Necessary Updates:
    • If your registration requires updates or changes to your business information, complete the necessary fields and provide any required documentation. Ensure that your information is accurate and up to date.
  6. Pay Any Outstanding Fees:
    • If there are outstanding fees associated with your SAM registration, make the required payments to bring your account up to date. Failure to pay fees can lead to an inactive status.
  7. Follow the Renewal Process:
    • If your registration has expired, you may need to go through the renewal process. This typically involves reviewing and updating your information, confirming your eligibility, and verifying your tax identification numbers (TINs).
  8. Submit Required Documentation:
    • SAM may require you to submit specific documentation to verify your business’s eligibility and identity. Ensure that you provide all requested documents in a timely manner.
  9. Verify Your Status:
    • After completing the required actions, verify your SAM registration status to confirm that it has been reactivated. Ensure that there are no outstanding issues or alerts related to your registration.
  10. Monitor Your SAM Account:
    • Going forward, regularly monitor your SAM account for any alerts or notifications related to your registration. Address any issues promptly to prevent future inactivity.
  11. Stay Informed:
    • Familiarize yourself with SAM’s renewal and update requirements, as well as any changes in federal procurement regulations that may impact your registration status.

Reactivating your SAM registration is essential to maintain your eligibility for federal contract and grant opportunities. It’s important to proactively address any issues that led to inactivity and keep your registration up to date to ensure continued access to federal procurement opportunities.


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